Our KYARA batch dosing units are compact and modular units which allow the management of a number between 1 and 6 different products.

The Batch dosing method foresees that all components are conveyed in sequence in a weighing hopper. The weight of the hopper is monitored and calculated by a digital control system, and the each measurement is compared with the set point of each material. When a component is close to achieving the setted amount, a gate valve closes the mouth of the material supply, and the system opens the gate of the next component. The process continues until the desired recipe is achieved. At this point the entire batch is sent to a mixing hopper, and the system is ready to prepare the next recipe.
The mixing hopper, which is also under weight, in addition to setting the levels of loading, allows the control of the extruder screw speed, and consequently can control the flow amount.

KYARA dosing units ensures high precision and very easy and fast cleaning and maintenance operations. Furthermore, the main features of KYARA are:

it is fully digital, and fully developed on SIEMENS platform;
it can have an on board touch-screen panel, for setting and displaying recipes processing;
it has a network interface for data exchange with the extruder:
it can be remotely controlled via Internet, for fast assistance;
it can be equipped with its extruder flow control;
it allows to increase the number of managed products.

Finally, KYARA can be supplied individually or integrated in the same control panel of any of our multi-components dosing groups models.