Continuous dosing is another solution, alternative to batching, for the feeding of a single screw extruder. This application,  is widely used when greater accuracy and greater control of the dosing are required.

For this application, Epistolio is able to provide different dosing groups, where each group is engineered Continuous Additiveand constructed according to the needs of the customer.

Gravimetric HopperA standard application may be constituted by a weighing hopper, drowned in a  collection hopper, which includes one or more continuous gravimetric loss-in-weight dosing units, with screws or vibrating channels. The main component is fed by gravity through the weighing hopper, while the various additives or secondary components are individually fed gravimetrically and by continuous dosing. Our controller allows to adjust the dosing of the additives according to the consumption of the main component, in order to always obtain the same recipe and to align the dosing flow with the flow of the extruder.

Another application may instead foresee the continuous and separate dosing of different components within a collection hopper, which, depending on the level of the material inside, it regulates the flow rate of the dispensers, always ensuring an adequate material amount to the extruder screw. Also in this case, the dispensers may be made by vibrating channels or screws (single or double) depending on the material to be dosed.

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