This technology is based on the continuous and separate dosing of each component.

The flow is regulated by a digital control system through a load cell, which measures the instant loss of weight of each component and consequently adjusts the speed of the falling of the material. Our PID control, developed during more than 30 years of experience in the field, and developed with the support of our customers, ensures an high accuracy of dosage and high levels of reaction.

This dosing system is particularly suitable to be used for the starve feeding of twin-screw extruders for compounding, rigid PET film extrusion and other applications. The components are mixed directly and “in line”, without the need for any mixing device, and are immediately taken away from the extruder, preventing any accumulation in the hopper.

The continuous loss-in-weight starve feeding has many considerable advantages, such as:

  • avoid the accumulation of material in the hopper of the extruder;
  • a better control of the process and certainty of repeatability and accuracy of the set recipe;
  • increase the flexibility of the line, untying the relationship between the flow rate and the speed of the extruder’s screw;
  • constant feeding of the extruder;
  • possibility of rapid and “in line” materials change.

For this type of application EPISTOLIO offers single or groups of vibrating channel dosers, from 2 to 6 components with digital control. Our dosing groups include feeders, refill hoppers and an integrated or remote control panel, and can work with a range up to 2,500 kg/h and an accuracy of +/- 0.25% to 0.5%.

Our dosers and dosing groups can also be provided in insulated version for the feeding of high temperature materials or with closed  channels for the containment of the powders.

The control panel, fully equipped with Siemens PLC and electronics, can be installed on the structureVlady flakes granules of the dosing unit or located remotely, and linked through connectors for a quick and easy installation. Moreover, it can be provided with Ethernet modem for tele-assistance.

All our loss in weight feeders and dosing units are designed and manufactured according to specific customer needs, ensuring high levels of flexibility and customization.

The dosing vibrating channel of the series VLADY can be used both for the feeding and weighing of granules, flakes and other grounded materials.