Even our screw dosing units, such as those with vibrating channel, are based on the concept of continuous gravimetric loss in weight feeding. Gravimetric Feeder for PowderBut they are used for the dosing of powders, fibers, and materials such as chalk, titanium dioxide or calcium carbonate, microspheres, vegetable fibers or wood flour.

a_dsc_0527-2The control panel is fully digital, with Siemens PLC and components.

The dosing screws of our dispensers are interchangeable, in step and size, in order to easily increase the flow range of a single machine, adapting it to the necessity of feeding different materials in a very short time. Also in this case, each dosing group may be composed by dispensers (with automatic bridge-breaker systems), refill hoppers, level sensors and control panel. We can provide flow rates up to 700/800 kg/h, with an accuracy of +/- 0.25% to 0.5%.

The feeders can be integrated into a multi-product dosing group,which can include both screws and vibrating channels, with a single control panel.